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Working in the restaurant industry in London

Changing countries, and hence habits and lifestyle, is never easy, however as time goes there are always more and more youngsters that decide to go abroad and working in the restaurant industry. The reasons that explain the undertaking of this path, whether for temporary experience or permanent, are different, but surely they will have the possibility to develop an opening up of the mind from a brand new multicultural team that is difficult to find in other parts of the world.

Out of all the possible destinations, London is surely one of ideal for exploratory youngsters that creates trends, originality, future and prospects.

Moreover, Italians have a little extra when it comes to the gastronomic sector in London. That is also demonstrated by the fact that the majority of young Italians find work as waiters or waitresses in restaurant industry, above all if they are managed by Italian entrepreneurs that have decided to invest in the English capital, even if, from a cultural point of view, the two realities are very different and adapting is not easy.

Regardless of this, the international nature that characterizes a city such as London allows entrepreneurs to experience an Italian atmosphere, remaining linked to Italian culture and traditions. Moreover, the Italian community present in London today is numerous and organise events and meetings amongst compatriots, thus ensuring nobody ever feels alone
London is a business-oriented city, the desire to do and the determination are a given, guaranteeing the possibility of having a career, especially if you want to work in the restaurant industry and business. Obviously, this means higher competitiveness.

Hence roll up your sleeves and get ready to taken on London where work and business are everyday words. Working hard is the norm, and as a consequence, in order to excel there is the need to surely work extra hours ensuring good customer service.

The positive side is that, regardless of not having to many years of experience, employers value the desire to make something happen and enthusiasm upon taking up a role.

Your success is therefore in your hands, in your ability to learn and consistency are important characteristics, and if you are willing to give it your all, you will surely achieve your goals.

If instead you have already have good hands on experience in catering and in restaurants, it is possible to attempt to gain a management position in a restaurant and job in a more exclusive business where working can be more gratifying and speed up your career.

Obviously, in this business the presence of Italian personnel i very important when, often, the clientele originate from Italy and this prescience can make client feel at home. Moreover, non-Italian clients will have the perception that they are eating true Italian quality food, cooked by an expert chef that is not from a dubious origin.

Nevertheless the international origin of the majority of waiters in all London business, results in complications if they don’t have a minimum knowledge of English.

During the search face for a restaurant job in London it is in fact advisable to attend a language school that will allow you to improve the first impression you have on British clients, given the multitude of accents present in the city.

An experience of the city will allow you to appreciate the difference in culture and also understand your capacities and limits, helping you to better understand the course you will take in the future.

Cooking – Photo Credits by Skånska Matupplevelser on Flickr – Creative Commons License