Valentine’s Day in London: have a look at what Sagitter One suggests to do today!

Valentine’s Day is here and we can’t be unprepared for it! Whether you are spending your day with your partner, with your friends or alone – London offers you everything you need to enjoy this amazing day. If you are an old-school romantic, you could start your day with a breakfast for two at the […]

food matters

Let’s go to… Food Matters Live 2016!

Food Matters Live 2016 will inspire you! There is no better place to discover the latest trends and innovation in the food and drinks industry. It will be also an opportunity to meet retailers and those working in nutrition; you could enable collaboration and innovation to support a sustainable food landscape for the future. The […]

stazioni ferroviarie train station

The 5 coolest train station restaurants in the world, suggested by Sagitter One.

 Often inside train stations you can find a fast food-mega chain or coffee and newspaper stands. But some famous or Michelin-starred dining experiences can be found in station, in the major metropolitan centres all over the world. Waiting for the train could be an amazing experience! Here below, the 5 coolest train station restaurants suggested […]

welcome italia

Food Lovers, let’s go to.. Welcome Italia!

Welcome Italia is the event organized by The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK dedicated to all food lovers that wish to discover and explore the best of Italian Food & Beverage. Here you can have a unique experience made of Italian aromas and flavours, in a journey that brings together quality, […]

city farms city farm

City life and city farms: the importance of healthiness and genuineness in a fast-living society

Have you ever heard about city farms? In a big and bustling city like London, where everyone is always busy and running and the big distances between one place and another make people spending more time packed in the trains or stuck in the traffic, eating healthy and natural food seems to be quite difficult. […]


Brexit: how much really changes in the long run?

The days following Brexit were no doubt clouded with uncertainty for all – the overnight collapse of the pound, the drop in lending, the uncertainty about the ‘Brexit plan’ and its subsequent effect on profit margins. One certainly cannot deny the short-term impact and detrimental consequences that it has brought to businesses across the country […]

Reduced menu – The new trend in London

One of the new trends in the restaurant industry in London is menus with fewer dishes, conflicting with restaurants that offer a wider range of dishes. Some restaurants prefer a unique style of cooking to create this reduced menu, often using one key ingredient. But where has this new trend come from? When the economic […]

Diet in London – Healthy food, from fashion to traditions

Alimentation and diet has always been an important topic of discussion as long as one can remember. People are always very interested in knowing about what to eat and feel the need to really understand, today more than ever, the nutritive properties and the origin of the foods that they choose to consume. Some products that […]

London living: 5 places you can’t miss out on

Remember that, above all, you live in London, the European capital of enjoyment, the birthplace of extravagance where every trend is born and anything seems possible. And if you share the cities eccentricity and would like to have an unforgettable time with your friends and loved ones, then TIC has selected five places for you […]

Service is very important for a successful restaurant

Opening a successful restaurant in London has become a real challenge in the last few year: There are a multitude of decisions to take and variables to evaluate. Already, it is the case that more than every other thing makes the difference between a good result and failure, and it is in that way that […]