welcome italia

Food Lovers, let’s go to.. Welcome Italia!

Welcome Italia is the event organized by The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK dedicated to all food lovers that wish to discover and explore the best of Italian Food & Beverage. Here you can have a unique experience made of Italian aromas and flavours, in a journey that brings together quality, […]

italian pizza italiana

Italian pizza: candidate as UNESCO’s prestigious cultural heritage

Italian pizza is undoubtedly one of the most well-known, celebrated and loved food in the world. This simple flat bread with tomato and cheese on top can actually be more than that – from a fancy lunch to a fulfilling snack, or just the perfect match for a movie night among friends. What is more […]

italian food cibo italiano

Are you sure that you are eating real italian food?

Italy is known around the world as the beautiful country as a result of its country side, its thousands of years of history and the quality of life in general. However, the main reason for our country having success abroad is also thanks to the excellence of italian food and products. According to KPMG, Made in […]