Strategy and Operational Support

Sagitter One’s team of analysts and consultants work to provide a strategic analysis of the business in which you would like to invest or re-launch.

Property Finding

Our research advisory team brings together the best in retail and consumer insights to provide a level of analysis not offered by any other firm in the field.

Sales and Marketing Consultancy

With over 13 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, we help our partners to develop comprehensive insights into their customers and markets to identify opportunities and grow their businesses.


Our recruitment team specialises in supplying staffing solutions to the Hospitality and Catering industry, especially from mid- to senior-level job positions.

Event Management

Sagitter One plans and manages the entire process to realise a successful event in order to respond to our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Environmental Sustainability

Improve your brand through the adoption of an eco-sustainable policy and save on energy bills by installing high-efficiency solutions.