Environmental Sustainability

Sagitter One plans and manages the entire process to realise a successful event in order to respond to our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Improve your brand through the adoption of an eco-sustainable policy and save on energy bills by installing high-efficiency solutions.

Environmental sustainability has become one of the main drivers in the hospitality industry. Stop CO2 delivers tailored eco-sustainable strategies aimed at improving your brand identity and building up a sustainable storytelling for your company. Our approach looks to the sector’s best practices and adapts them, crafting them directly to your business.

Stop CO2 provides businesses with the optimal strategy to improve customer experience and appeal through the life cycle approach: from the supply chain to production, marketing & communications, and environmental reporting.

Saving on energy bills is of crucial importance when facing a competitive market. The correct planning and design of high-efficiency systems can turn energy use and monitoring into higher profit margins for your business. Stop CO2 partners with SagitterOne to deliver an operational budget under control, ensuring financial stability as well as a competitive position on the market.

Our engineers and consultants have an outstanding track record of excellence and innovation. Improve your customer experience through dedicated lighting design; offer your customers a comfortable environment with innovative systems, while benefitting from the added value of better communications and branding.

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Services we offer:
  • High-efficiency HVAC design
  • Innovative lighting design
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Smart technologies
  • Eco-sustainable strategy
  • Green procurement adoption plan
  • Integrated management systems and certification support
  • Stakeholder engagement and awareness