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How to be successful in running a restaurant with 5 simple marketing tips

If you want to put your restaurant business on the fast track to success, you should go hi-tech and to be always focused in satisfying all your customer needs.
A recent research conducted by Harvard Business School demonstrated that, for example, the addition of a single star in Yelp ratings for restaurants equates to a 5 to 9 percent bump in revenue.

Here below 5 simple, but necessary, marketing tips that every restaurant business should be running for being successful:
1) Get good reviews on review websites. After customers visit the restaurant we should ask them to share their experience on review websites. Some of the most popular go-to review websites are TripAdvisor, Zagat, Facebook, Google+. It is also useful to find out what people say about the competitors. Responding quickly to these reviews could create a strong competitive advantage, giving customers the signal that the restaurant is always ready to satisfy their needs. You have to also respond in a proactive way to negative feedback to demonstrate you are there to please the customer.
2) Survey your customers. When people come to your restaurant, ask them about their birthday, graduation, and anniversaries. Tell them how your restaurant will help them celebrate it. If you can get their email, then you can schedule when to invite them to your restaurant on their special day. An innovative strategy adopted by Panenka restaurant in Madrid, in occasion of its inauguration, was to place two screens that showed the interactions in real time on social networks, inviting customers to participate. After 90 days they had raised more than one million posts on Twitter. The advertising impact of this marketing action was huge.
3) Have a captivating website, the main channel of information that reveals the identity of the restaurant. The content is king. Transparency is always the right choice, publishing the menu, wine list and prices. Particular attention should be paid to images, logos and other key visual elements that give an image of the restaurant. A good strategy is posting online contests, for example online cooking classes or teaching essential skills by the restaurant’s chef.
4) Offer a free Wi-Fi access inside the restaurant, requesting the registration to the customer by email or Facebook personal profile.
5) Allowing home delivery. In today’s online-driven environment, many online delivery services (like Just Eat or Deliveroo) streamline the ordering online process, and internet-savvy patrons often love taking advantage of such delivery services.

Written by Stefano Potorti’.