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Definitions and legal references

Personal Data (or Data)

With “Personal Data” we mean any information able to identify a person.

Usage Data

Usage Data are information collected by the Application or by third parties applications used by the Application. A non complete list of these data is: IP address, domain names of the devices used by the User, URI addresses, date and time of the request to the server, method used, response by the server, kind of server response, size of the data making the server response, the server response code, the country of origin of the request, the browser and the operating system of the User, the time spent on the Application and other details related to User experience.


The person who uses the Application, who coul be the Person Concerned or someone on their behalf.

Person Concerned

The person to whom Personal Data are related.

Responsible of Data Processing (or Responsible)

The person, company, public administration or any other entity or association appointed by the Owner as stated in this policy.

Owner of Data Processing (or Owner)

The person, company, public administration or any other entity or association whose competence is deciding about purposes, modes and tools used for Data Processing, including security, functioning and availability of this Application. Unless differently specified, the Owner of Data Processing is also the owner of the Application.


The platform that collects Data.


Data stored in the User’s device in small files.

Legal references

This policy refers to and was written in compliance with the following laws: Art. 10 of Directive 95/46/CE, Directive 2002/58/CE and Directive 2009/136/CE about Cookies.

Kinds of Data collected

The kinds of Data collected by the Application or by third parties used by the Application itself are: Cookies, Usage Data, Personal Data.

Each kind of Data is explained in details in the section of this document named “Details on Data processing”. Personal Data are supplied spontaneously by the User, while Usage Data are automatically collected by the Application, without which it could not work properly. If the request is discretionary, the User can choose not to give the requested Data without renouncing the use of the Application.

The Application or third parties may use Cookies in order to supply the required service or for the purposes here and in the Cookie Policy (if available) described.

The User undertakes responsibility for publishing or sharing Personal Data that belong to them or to any Person Concerned and guarantees to have the rights to use them for Application access. The Owner, therefore, is not responsible towards any third parties.

Methods and place of collected Data processing

Methods of processing

The Owner takes the appropriate security measures to prevent any unauthorised access, leak, modification or cancellation of Personal Data. The processing is done through IT tools and only for the purposes indicated.

However, the Owner may not be the only one to have access to Data, which could be visible to Owner’s employees, partners or external subjects linked to the purposes of Data collection. A list of these subjects can be requested to the Owner at any time.


The Data processing takes place in the Owner’s head office and related branches and in every place the parties are located.

Retention time

The Data processing lasts as long as necessary to erogate the service required by the User or according to the purposes described in this Policy. The User can request the interruption of Data processing and their elimination.

Collected Data processing purposes

Collected Data allow the Owner to provide their services to the User and for the purposes indicated in the following paragraph.

Details on Data processing

Personal Data are collected for the following purposes through the following services:

  • Contact form (Application): the User that fills the form with their Data gives consent to their processing in order to respond to their enquiries.
    • Collected Data: full name, email address;
  • Google Analytics (Google Inc.): Google collect Data to track User’s behaviour and give statistics of the Application to the Owner.
  • Google Fonts (Google Inc.): service of visualisation of font styles allowing the Application to display them.
    • Collected Data: Usage Data and other kinds of data mentioned in the service policy.
    • Processing place: USA
    • Privacy Policy.
  • Comment Forms: the User that fills the form with their Data gives consent to their processing in order to respond to their enquiries and share their thoughts.
    • Collected Data: Name, email address, website (optional), personal message
  • Gravatar (Automattic, Inc.): an image service managed by Automattic, Inc. that allows this website to integrate this content within their pages. Please note that if Gravatar images are used for the comment system, the email address of the person who comments might be sent to Gravatar, even if they are not registered with this service.
    • Collected Data: Name, email address, Usage Data
    • Processing place: USA
    • Privacy Policy.
  • Akismet (Automattic, Inc.): a spam protection service.
  • WPML: this service allows the User to switch the website language.

Cookie Policy

The Application uses Cookies. For further information, please read the Cookie Policy.

Further information on Data processing

Legal defense

Personal Data may be used by the Owner in any judicial phase and for their defense from any abuse of the Application or the related services. Moreover, the User accepts that the Owner may reveal their Data if those are required by Public Authorities.

Specific policies

This document might be integrated with additional policies regarding specific services of the Application or the collection and processing of Personal Data.

System and maintenance log

The Application may save some Personal Data in log files for operational and maintenance purposes.

Information unavailable in this policy

Further information regarding Data processing can be demanded to the Owner at any time using their contact details.

Exercise of the rights by Users

The User or the Person Concerned have the right to ask information about the existence, content, origin and accuracy of their Data to the Owner at any time and ask for any integration, modification, cancellation, anonymisation or complete elimination, also, they can oppose to the processing. The User will be informed within 72 hours of any violation that involves their Data. The Application does not support non-tracking requests, but if any of the third parties services can do so, the User can refer to their policy.

Modifications on this privacy policy

The Owner can edit this document at any time, stating the date of the last modification. If the User does not accept some or all the modifications must cease to use the Application and can exercise the rights mentioned above. These conditions will continue to be applied also to the Data previously collected.

Information on this privacy policy

The Owner of Data processing is responsible for this document.