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Stefano is an Italian businessman, Managing Director of Sagitter One, which he founded in 2009. Stefano has always been passionate about food and restaurants. He started working in London in the hospitality field as General Manager since 2003. Stefano is also Executive Vice President at Italian Chamber of Commerce for the UK.

Stefano graduated in Economics with a major in Marketing and International Marketing from the University of Pisa. He completed a specialist course in Marketing and Communication in the hospitality industry and Human Resources Management in Tourism.


Nicola is an Italian Chef, but is internationally well–known, having been the chef of Michelin-starred restaurants in Lyon, San Sebastian, and London.

In 1993, Nicola opened his own restaurant, “Birichin”, in Turin; today it’s one of the most important restaurants in Piedmont. He was appointed to be the official chef for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, and in 2008 and 2012, Nike chose him to be the official chef for the Olympic Games in Beijing and London, where he cooked for international sports stars like Maria Sharapova and Michael Phelps. In 2009, Nicola became the first Italian chef to hold a cooking and gastronomic culture course at the Qatar University of Doha, one of the most prestigious universities in the Persian Gulf. He also held masterclasses about Mediterranean cooking at Westminster College and University of West London. Nicola is also an excellent consultant in creating special events.

Recently, Nicola has created a new food concept, “The Egg”, inspired by the birth of his son. The Egg is based on the idea that it can be possible for haute cuisine to be inspired by simplicity, as its “incubator”. This synthesis of simplicity and perfection is symbolized by an egg, in both its shape and taste. In 2014, Nicola opened the first “The Egg” bistro in Turin, and this past May he started a collaboration with Hotel Danieli in the beautiful Venice.

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