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Restaurant business in London. ‘I can’t stand people who don’t take food seriously’ said Oscar Wilde’ who at the end of the 19th Century had already began to appreciate the importance of looking after one’s diet, well before any scientific study had confirmed it. It is undeniable that in the past the United Kingdom has not paid much attention to the quality of its food, especially the quality its foreign cuisine, which would be copied and adapted without any regard to its standard. However, this is not today’s London.

The increasing growth in the immigrant population, coming from all over the world, has meant the city has inevitably enriched its taste when it comes to cuisine originating from every corner of the planet, and the abundance of choice has led to a gradual change in tastes and demand.

The urban population will expand another 14% by 2020 and this will lead to an exponential increase in the tendency to eat out, something that has already reached unthinkable heights (In 2014 the ‘eating out’ sector had reached an estimated value of £50.4 million, a 2% increase from the £49.4 million in 2013). London, therefore, is not simply just the global capital of the restaurant industry, where food and flavour from all over the world can be found without limits, but also the capital of high quality restaurants, where it is possible to find any food at any moment without disposing of too much money or effort. People have become demanding when it comes to food; they have honed their taste buds and have even begun to consider traditional Italian foods originating from a single regional locality, to appreciate local production, the biology, the supply chain and family based agriculture. This has made London a melting pot of flavours and traditions, a restaurant paradise where locals are free to place value on their own products and services and where people have gradually and indirectly become able to recognise and appreciate quality.

Hence, it is certain that there is no better place to open a restaurant business than London, as has been proven by the large number of restaurants that have found the English capital to be their ideal habitat. The boost that has struck the restaurant world has also inevitably led to a far wider expansion of businesses that revolve around the industry such as consulting agencies that, even though they operate behind the scenes, act as the engine at the base of everything.
Sagitter One, a boutique consultancy in the hospitality sector, has been able to understand the changes in habits and trends that have struck London in the last few years and has been able to take advantage of the limitless development of the sector by growing proportionally to it.

London is a city that can yield great satisfaction to whoever operates in the culinary industry and reward whoever demonstrates that they are able to embrace dynamic change and be inclined towards an internal culture completely driven by meritocracy.

The fact that the recognition of quality is at the base of the UK’s entrepreneurial system is proven by the results and the rewards that a business can manage to obtain through its own strengths and professional experience. Sagitter One is a great example of how this system works, not only through its noteworthy growth year in year out, but also by being selected out of hundreds of thousands of businesses to take part in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, organised by UCL and Goldman Sachs to offer leaders of small businesses, that are growing strongly, high quality training and exclusive support to further expand the economic potential of their own business.

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