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Good food in London: find a food truck with traditional food

Perhaps your dream is to escape to a foreign country, to change identity and dedicate your life to agriculture, or you simply cannot go on with office life and would like to invest everything in a self-run enterprise. Well, know that you are not alone: recently the trend is to become an entrepreneur by yourself, mostly in an innovative sector but nonetheless traditional industries such as food are always valued. To summarize, returning to the the roots is back in fashion: Hence, why don’t you export abroad in a calculated manner, to countries that are much more receptive in practice to the ‘italian’ taste and are passionate about the authenticity of Made in Italy?

Today in this regard we will tell you three stories (with happy endings) of youngsters who set up an enterprise and a business and moved it to London.

The “gelato alla mozzarella” of Bonini
You can start from the basics, a lot of great hope, a little bit of capital and a enterprise idea but if you also come to London as a professional with a brilliant discovery. The ‘gelato alla mozzarella’ that Simone Bonini introduced to the ‘Many Roads of Mozzarella’ fair at Hotel Baglioni, just in front of Hyde Park. Obviously, it was an incomparable success: according to the ice-cream maker, the justification behind the move to London was the fact that “Abroad people are far more open minded compared to Italy, however my aim is to expand the culture of ice-cream right here.”

Polenta flavoured Ape Car
Have you ever seen an ape car filled with packets of polenta? If you bring yourself to London, to Old Spitalfield or the oracle commercial centre in Reading you will find a completely yellow food truck that promises the many delicacies of gourmet. Giallo Street Food was thought up by three young entrepreneurs from Varese that have exported polenta to the UK with all its supplements: meat, vegetables and cheese. Whilst Londoners demonstrate enthusiasm for now, according to the three founders the business is yet to reach its peak: but we are sure that upon tasting a dish of smoked white polenta, you will believe you are flying once more.

The flavour of Trieste in London
Once more the flavour of regional cuisine triumphs in London: Two friends have brought an idea from Trieste to London, in a business called Moo! It has bought Italian Freshness, all the flavours of a typical Friulian dish. It has had instant success: Delicious ham, ‘frico’ and all the other delicacies made in Italy are imprinting themselves on the London public, keen to try new things.

Picture: Borough Market – London – Photo Credits Duncan Harris on Flickr – Creative Common License