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Definitions and legal references

Personal Data (or Data)

With “Personal Data” we mean any information able to identify a person.

Usage Data

Usage Data are information collected by the Application or by third parties applications used by the Application. A non complete list of these data is: IP address, domain names of the devices used by the User, URI addresses, date and time of the request to the server, method used, response by the server, kind of server response, size of the data making the server response, the server response code, the country of origin of the request, the browser and the operating system of the User, the time spent on the Application and other details related to User experience.


The person who uses the Application, who coul be the Person Concerned or someone on their behalf.

Person Concerned

The person to whom Personal Data are related.

Responsible of Data Processing (or Responsible)

The person, company, public administration or any other entity or association appointed by the Owner as stated in this policy.

Owner of Data Processing (or Owner)

The person, company, public administration or any other entity or association whose competence is deciding about purposes, modes and tools used for Data Processing, including security, functioning and availability of this Application. Unless differently specified, the Owner of Data Processing is also the owner of the Application.


The platform that collects Data.


Data stored in the User’s device in small files.

Legal references

This policy refers to and was written in compliance with the following laws: Art. 10 of Directive 95/46/CE, Directive 2002/58/CE and Directive 2009/136/CE about Cookies.

Technical Cookies and aggregated statistics

Activities strictly necessary to the functioning

The Application uses Cookies to save the User’s session and for activities related to the functioning of the Application itself.

Activities of preferences saving, optimisation and statistics

The Application uses Cookies to save navigation preferences of the User and improve their user experience, like Cookies for language, currency or statistics management.

Other kinds of Cookies or third parties who may use them

The services here mentioned, some of them also from third parties, use Cookies even without the direct consent of the User or unbeknown to the Owner and may track User’s activity. Should any doubts arise, we recommend to read the privacy policy of each service.

  • Google Analytics (Google Inc.): Google collect Data to track User’s behaviour and give statistics of the Application to the Owner.
    Collected Data: Cookies and Usage Data
    Processing place: USA
    Privacy Policy – Opt out.
  • WPML: this service allows the User to switch the website language.

How can I control Cookie installation?

The User can also manage Cookie preferences straight from their browser preventing their installation and deleting those already memorised on their device. However, the deactivation of the Cookies may compromise the correct functioning of the Application. For a detailed guide on how to change Cookie settings on the main browsers, you can read these links: Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxApple Safari e Microsoft Windows Explorer.

If Cookies are managed by third parties, the User can read the procedure for deactivation in their privacy policies or use the opt out link, if available.