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Street food London: quality coming to the fore

The English capital is going through a strong and constant expansion that is has almost brought the large populated city to the level of an Asian metropolis. This influx of people and diverse cultures has strongly improved the culinary panorama that the city offers, from fancy restaurant to street food. Now, in fact, the culinary […]

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Working in the restaurant industry in London

Changing countries, and hence habits and lifestyle, is never easy, however as time goes there are always more and more youngsters that decide to go abroad and working in the restaurant industry. The reasons that explain the undertaking of this path, whether for temporary experience or permanent, are different, but surely they will have the […]

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Are you sure that you are eating real italian food?

Italy is known around the world as the beautiful country as a result of its country side, its thousands of years of history and the quality of life in general. However, the main reason for our country having success abroad is also thanks to the excellence of italian food and products. According to KPMG, Made in […]


How to motivate the staff

The way in which the staff of a restaurant operate and serve the clientele is a fundamental part of the image that the business portray to the outside world. In order to obtain good service it is necessary to ensure an efficient training program that enables the staff to be prepared for any situation. It […]

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Marketing and new technologies for restaurants

In the last few years, the method of promoting your own business has changed drastically and new possibilities on a technological level haven’t done anything other than to increase the speed of this change. Ten years ago Public relations was the most common marketing strategy, however 5 years ago Social media began to supersede it […]

Diet in London – Healthy food, from fashion to traditions

Alimentation and diet has always been an important topic of discussion as long as one can remember. People are always very interested in knowing about what to eat and feel the need to really understand, today more than ever, the nutritive properties and the origin of the foods that they choose to consume. Some products that […]

London living: 5 places you can’t miss out on

Remember that, above all, you live in London, the European capital of enjoyment, the birthplace of extravagance where every trend is born and anything seems possible. And if you share the cities eccentricity and would like to have an unforgettable time with your friends and loved ones, then TIC has selected five places for you […]

Service is very important for a successful restaurant

Opening a successful restaurant in London has become a real challenge in the last few year: There are a multitude of decisions to take and variables to evaluate. Already, it is the case that more than every other thing makes the difference between a good result and failure, and it is in that way that […]

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Good food in London: find a food truck with traditional food

Perhaps your dream is to escape to a foreign country, to change identity and dedicate your life to agriculture, or you simply cannot go on with office life and would like to invest everything in a self-run enterprise. Well, know that you are not alone: recently the trend is to become an entrepreneur by yourself, […]

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Location – First rule to open a restaurant in London

How important is the location when opening a new activity? The restaurant industry in London is growing exponentially, every street is filled with every variety of restaurant, fast food place and pub; every type of food is available from classic European cuisines, primarily Italian, Spanish and French, to more exotic foods originating from Asia or South […]