Service is very important for a successful restaurant

Opening a successful restaurant in London has become a real challenge in the last few year: There are a multitude of decisions to take and variables to evaluate. Already, it is the case that more than every other thing makes the difference between a good result and failure, and it is in that way that service is tied to the success of a restaurant.

The quality of the dish is nowadays almost taken for granted in a city where the level of competition means that the law of survival of the fittest applies, or in this case, the survival of the best quality.
The factors that determine the ideal framework of the restaurant are those that remain implanted in the minds of the clients and whilst some of these factors can be controlled by those who manage the business, others however are less controllable and also depend on a little dose of luck.
During the initial opening phase of the business, it is very important that they engage in promotional services and Marketing. It is necessary to ensure the new business is known to the surrounding area and to the London restaurant market; it is important to understand the main target market, around whom the business revolves and to develop initiatives targeted at a preselected category of clients. In the same way, it is important to optimise the flow of clients during less popular times and days.

On this topic, it is sensible to introduce a mailing list service and a periodic newsletter in order to keep clients aware of potential events and new dishes that are introduced to the menu, however this should be limited to a monthly email.
In the same way you could attract potential clients with offers and proposals of discounts or attractive promotions that run for a limited time period. It is also useful and has a large impact to have events such as cocktail nights or live music shows.
Loyalty cards or gadgets to distribute freely could be another way of recalling new clients or retaining the existing ones.
Surely marketing that is targeted but not too invasive will be more efficient then aggressive publicity which, on the contrary, can end up being counterproductive.
It is also essential, of course to have a clear and dynamic website and accompanied Social Media platform, that with a low cost can have a large impact and are also very important for the popularity of a business.
When it comes to the services directly provided by the restaurant, we point out how indispensable it is to have great care and attention to matters related to training and the workers. Unfortunately often small businesses, such as an independent restaurant, do not dedicate the necessary time to train their own staff which results in service that is below the expectations of clients and that dissuades them from returning.

It is also important to keep the staff up to date with health and safety and hygiene protocols that are required by law.
To conclude, the quality of the food is of course vital however taking care of the small details and external communication will ensure that your business stays ahead of the game.