London living: 5 places you can’t miss out on

Remember that, above all, you live in London, the European capital of enjoyment, the birthplace of extravagance where every trend is born and anything seems possible. And if you share the cities eccentricity and would like to have an unforgettable time with your friends and loved ones, then TIC has selected five places for you that cannot be missed out on.

Underground: We begin with a good journey…..underground! You are taken back to the 1940’s when, during the Second World War, to shelter themselves from bombardment, Londoners would seek refugee in the underground stations of the city. Where in the midst of dance, music and black market drink, they would seek to forget about hard reality in which they lived in, for at least a few hours. Today, not too far from the famous Regent’s Street, you could relieve the emotion of that time. Going down the steps of the abandoned Kingly Court station, do not be surprised if you find the hand of the clock being turned back! Inside the wagons of old trains you will find an atmosphere that will make you feel it belongs to another era. We’re at Cahoots where the air is lit up by jazz, swing, lindyhop and also rock’n’roll and elctro-swing, It will be hard to reset the clock once you have left. Any advice to prepare you for the evening? Dress yourself in a manner appropriate to the occasion.

• TELL A STORY In the heart of one of the most enchanting quarters of London, next to the famous Tower Bridgethere lies a true gem for lovers of British food. Once in the city, why not take the opportunity to sample typical British food? At Story, from Lunch to dinner, the experience will not be diminished and will replenish your stomach whilst the restaurant owner promises to tell you a story through his food. Curious? Bring a book with you and you will discover the rest once you sit at your table. Considered to be amongst the best restaurants in the world (it already has a Michelin Star). Whist isn’t the cheapest place, learning about the local area, and culture it offers, in such an original way doesn’t have a price.

• L…TOIlETS! No, we are not crazy but we are talking about a public toilet… Well at least it used to be one once upon a time. We are in Kentish town an area that is always more popular for its niche places and underground scene that loved by youngsters who are not simply content with close by and more famous Camden Town, but love to discover unique places. Do you love cocktails? Perfect, you will be in the right place. An old public bathroom re-designed and transformed in to a cocktail bar that has also already become extremely popular because of the quality of the drinks that cost around £8 to £9, a price that you will struggle to better in the middle of London. Small in space, it is advised that you do not go there too late as you will run the risk of not being able to enter.

• Children? Living in London, if your search involves an alternative place where you can spend a nice holiday and spend a beautiful day in the sun, as the capital has recently allowed for, but you are accompanied by your little ones, well, you are in luck. There is a place in Bloomsbury where you cannot enter unless you are accompanied with your children! A play ground, a little farmhouse with animals, a lot of greenery and activities dedicated to your children who probably will not forget a day spent at Coram’s Field. Open between March and October this little Oasis is, in reality, a charity that tries to support young children and there families via the organisation of various activities. Interested? It is completely free but donations.

• PLAYING AS AN… ADULT! Whoever said that growing up makes you lose the desire to play? If you were also a fan of Snake, the Nokia serpent that made the famous mobile phone game, prepare yourself for a very enjoyable experience. In center London, near King’s Cross Station, in Granary Square, the enormous fountain, beautiful to see as it has been transformed in our perfect game and you will be able to be in control of the water jets in a way that brings Snake to life! How does it work? All you have to do is download the Granny Squirt app on you smart phone and subscribe free accessing the cloud Wi-Fi network to control the lights and the water jets in the fountain. Not only that, but up to eight people can play…. Ready for the challenge?