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Let’s go to… Food Matters Live 2016!

Food Matters Live 2016 will inspire you! There is no better place to discover the latest trends and innovation in the food and drinks industry. It will be also an opportunity to meet retailers and those working in nutrition; you could enable collaboration and innovation to support a sustainable food landscape for the future. The last edition attracted more than 400 exhibitors and 10,000 professionals from the sector – retailers, researchers, nutritionists and so on.

During the event, from 22 to 24 November, there will be a chance to debate the most important issues facing the food, health, and nutrition sectors in the Food Matters Live Conference; to meet over 600 exhibitors, both multinational companies and emerging enterprises from all over the world; to assist 300 seminar speakers with experts that will use case studies to explore consumer behaviour trends, sustainable food business, and how packaging design and creative marketing can help drive healthy food choices. There will also be a seminar about the UK government’s decision to introduce a sugar tax on carbonated soft drinks. This will be combined with a controversial obesity strategy and the impact of Brexit on the industry.

It will also be possible to participate in a series of interactive attractions, practical demonstrations, and live tastings taking place each day. This year, the “Settimana della Cucina Italiana” project will feature the event – this is an initiative promoted by the Italian government to enhance fine Italian cuisine throughout the world. In collaboration with the Italian Embassy in London, Food Matters Live will host one of the events.

Themed areas of the diverse range of products:

  • the Enterprise Zone, which focuses on innovative start-ups demonstrating new products;
  • the Drink Well Zone, to respond to the increasing demand for reformulation and innovation in healthier drinks;
  • the Free-From Zone, where you can find gluten, dairy-free, and vegan foods.

Food Matters Live is free to attend, but you have to register online through the official website:

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